About Us

Once known primarily for our quality retail pharmacy, today Medoz Pharmacy of Polk Inc is widely recognized for its Compounding and Specialty pharmacy services and high-touch customer service. 

  • Compounding for Veterinary and Humans.
  • Specialty Pharmacy services in Oncology, Hepatitis,  HIV, Gastroentrology, Dermatology and many more diseases.

Medoz's mission is to optimize patient health through a relentless devotion to clinical excellence.  We make this mission a reality through programs that educate and engage patients.  We also help patients address their unique medication needs and challenges by collaborating with doctors, health plans and manufacturers.

Learn more about the personal, timely and cost-effective services we offer to our patients. Call 855-633-6948. 

Or, find out how we eliminate the administrative and clinical burdens of providers looking to prescribe complex, breakthrough medications across a wide variety of specialties. 


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