Each patient reacts differently to pain medications. Although there are countless mass-produced pain relievers available, not all are a perfect match for the patient. Some pain medications may come with unwanted side effects and some may not work to the ultimate benefit of a patient, based on several factors including other medications.

Sometimes pain situations may make it difficult for a patient to swallow pills or tablets. Offering additional options like topical and liquids, can often be the perfect solutions. Medoz Pharmacy can work with your healthcare provider to help provide an alternative way to deliver your pain medication, including: 


- Topical gels, creams, foams or sprays which may be applied to the site of the pain

- Custom-flavored lozenges that dissolve in your mouth

- Nasal sprays

- Suppositories

Medoz Pharmacy can compound pain medications specific to your needs. We treat you individually according to your symptoms, body weight and other factors which are unique to you, in order to formulate specific compounds to meet your specific requirements. Pain medications should provide relief and not more challenges. That’s why we are here.

All formulations are customized per prescription to meet the unique needs of each patient. Please call us to discuss the dosage form, medication and strength which are most appropriate for your patient.Some examples are:

  1. Ketoprofen topical or transdermal gel      
  2. Ketamine/Ketoprofen/Gabapentin transdermal gel
  3. Ketamine transdermal gel        
  4. Lidocaine/Prilocaine topical gel
  5. Triple-Anesthetic gel – (BLT) Benzocaine/lidocaine/tetracaine  
  6. Gabapentin/Clonidine in Lidoderm Gel       
  7. Piroxicam tablet triturates
  8. Ibuprofen suppositories                          
  9. Ketoprofen/Cyclobenzaprine topical gel

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