Palliative Care is "the active total care of patients whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment". The goal of palliative care is the achievement of the best possible quality of life for patients and their families.

Symptom Control involves therapies for nausea & vomiting, dry mouth & stomatitis, excessive pulmonary secretions / death rattle, radiation mucositis and proctitis and wound care.

The following list is just a few of the preparations that we can compound for palliative care. All formulations are customized per prescription to meet the unique needs of each patient. Please call us to discuss the dosage form, medication and strength which are most appropriate for your patient.

- ABHR - gel and troche

- Cholestyramine ointment

- Dextromethorphan single agent and oral modified release preparations

- Hydrocodone without acetaminophen

- Lidocaine -Tetracaine spray

- Metoclopramide - nasal spray and suppository

- Misoprostol – suppository and oral preparations

- Morphine transdermal

- Pilocarpine – gel, lollipop or oral modified release preparations

- Promethazine gel

- Scopolamine gel

- Short chain fatty acid enemas

- Sucralfate oral adhesive paste, cream and enema

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